Real people, real results!

Name: Jamie

Age: 24

I helped Jamie prepare for the Pure Elite competition. I worked with Jamie for just under 16 weeks. Designing him a workout and nutrition plan to meet his goals.


  • Weight - 86kg
  • Body fat - 14.5% 


  • Weight - 75kg
  • Body fat - 7%

Jamie was in good shape to begin with, but finished in phenomenal condition. With hard work and dedication he was able to achieve the body he wanted, while balancing a full time job.

Jamie lost 24lbs and 7.5% body fat.

Name: Amy

Age: 27

I also helped Amy prepare for the Pure Elite competition. Amy also achieve this conditioning in just under 16 weeks. I put together a nutrition and workout plan, to get Amy ready for the show.


  • Weight - 57kg
  • Body fat - 17.5%


  • Weight - 53kg
  • Body fat - 11%

Once again Amy had been training for years before I worked with her, however managed to discipline herself to get ready for her show. Amy went on to finish 5th in the Fitness Model - Tall category!

Amy lost 9 lbs and 6.5% body fat.

Name: Dave

Age: 47

Dave's main goal was to lose body fat and tone up for his wedding, that we did!


  • Weight - 106kg
  • Waist - 41 inches


  • Weight - 99kg
  • Waist - 36 inches

Dave lost just over a stone in 10 weeks and lost 5 inches on his waist.

Name: Danvir

Age: 25

Danvir's goal was to lose body fat and build muscle. As most will struggle to do both at the same time, I first took Danvir through a cutting regime in order to get him lean enough to start building muscle.


  • Weight - 82kg
  • Body fat - 21%
  • Waist - 35 inches


  • Weight - 73kg
  • Body fat - 13%
  • Waist - 31 inches

Danvir lost 8% body fat and 4 inches on his waist in just over 3 months.