Real people, real results!


Name: Jamie

Age: 29

I helped Jamie prepare for the Pure Elite competition. I worked with Jamie for just under 16 weeks. Designing him a workout and nutrition plan to meet his goals.



        / Weight - 86kg

        / Body fat - 14.5% 



        / Weight - 75kg

        / Body fat - 7%


Jamie was in good shape to begin with, but finished in phenomenal condition. With hard work and dedication he was able to achieve the body he wanted, while balancing a full time job.


Jamie lost 24lbs and 7.5% body fat.




Name: Amy

Age: 32


I also helped Amy prepare for the Pure Elite competition. Amy also achieve this conditioning in just under 16 weeks. I put together a nutrition and workout plan, to get Amy ready for the show.




        / Weight - 57kg

        / Body fat - 17.5%




        / Weight - 53kg

        / Body fat - 11%


Once again Amy had been training for years before I worked with her, however managed to discipline herself to get ready for her show. Amy went on to finish 5th in the Fitness Model - Tall category!


Amy lost 9 lbs and 6.5% body fat.




Name: Deji

Age: 29

Goal - Shred up in 12 weeks


Measured Deji's progress mainly using the mirror and judging how his clothes fit him. No scales or measurements were used as it didn't work for him, so there are no stats, however the results speak for themselves. Photos were 10 weeks apart.




Name: Dave

Age: 47


Dave's main goal was to lose body fat and tone up for his wedding, that we did!




        / Weight - 106kg

        / Waist - 41 inches




        / Weight - 99kg

        / Waist - 36 inches


Dave lost just over a stone in 10 weeks and lost 5 inches on his waist.





Name: Hassan

Age: 18


Hassan's main goal was to add some size to his frame.




        / Weight - 43kg




         Weight - 58kg


Hassan gained over 2 stone of muscle in 15 months.




Name: Rob

Age: 24




        / 14 stone 1 - Waist: 35 inches - Body fat: 22%



         12 stone 3 - Waist: 30 inches - Body fat: 12%

Rob lost over 2 stone, 5 inches off his waist and 10% body fat in 4 months.




Name: Steven

Age: 38




        / 16 stone, 11lbs - Waist 43 inches



        /15 stone, 2lbs - Waist 34 inches


Steven lost 1 stone, 9lbs and 7 inches off his waist in 4 months



Name: Danvir

Age: 30


Danvir's goal was to lose body fat and build muscle. As most will struggle to do both at the same time, I first took Danvir through a cutting regime in order to get him lean enough to start building muscle.




        / Weight - 82kg

        / Body fat - 21%

        / Waist - 35 inches




        / Weight - 73kg

        / Body fat - 13%

        / Waist - 31 inches


Danvir lost 8% body fat and 4 inches on his waist in just over 3 months.