Unparalleled fitness prides itself in offering both a professional and an effective service. More than a personal trainer, the service I offer is one of mentorship. Looking to shape each client both physically and mentally to become their best.


Unparalleled because I do not offer any quick fix solutions.

If you did not gain the weight overnight, do not expect to lose it overnight. I believe consistency is the key to victory. Slow and steady changes will enable your body to achieve the desired results in a way that is both healthy and sustainable.


Unparalleled because I equip each client with the knowledge necessary to achieve and overcome any hurdles they have in relation to their fitness goals. Rather than just giving you a plan and screaming you through a difficult set. I seek to educate my clients about every facet of their programme to enable them to gain independence and to own any achievements they make. My aim is to get clients working smarter and becoming more efficient with their training and time.


Unparalleled because customer service is a priority. I offer a service which is friendly and personable. There is no such thing as a stupid question, we are forever learning. I believe looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good. I aim to provide an experience that clients will enjoy and look forward to.


Finally I am unparalleled because I motivate my clients to make lasting changes. The reason 95% of people that lose fat gain it back, is because of a lack of motivation. If you lack belief in what you are trying to achieve, any habit you form will eventually cease. I seek to transform the mentality of every client, to help them achieve their goals and effectively recover from any setbacks that may occur once they finish the programme.