"I've been training with Jason for 4 months now and I can honestly say for the first time in my life I'm actually seeing a difference in my physique. Jason is meticulous in his planning and makes training difficult but enjoyable. I couldn't recommend Jason enough, he's a great personal trainer who gets results".


Satvir, 31.



"I started training on the 3rd of May 2014 following a consultation with Jason and I am currently in the second phase of my training and weight loss programme. From the first meeting, Jason has made me feel confident to challenge myself to meet the goals that he sets and to have the self belief to succeed, encouraging me, challenging me, redirecting me and answering any questions or concerns that I have. It took a while to get accustomed to my fitness regime as I am having to work around a back and shoulder injury but Jason has compiled a programme for me whereby I can still engage in compound exercises involving the main muscle groups and at the same time building and strengthening my central core. Jason is always well prepared and flexible; he keeps things interesting with no training session ever being exactly the same and is a kind & caring person, who never hesitates going the extra mile for his clients to achieve their individual fitness goals. Jason provides just the right amount of motivation for me to push myself just a little bit more to go beyond what I think I can do and makes the whole training process fun and I look forward to the challenge he offers me each session I have with him." (Even the boxing interval training!!!!). With his personalized approach to my training and lifestyle, both inside and outside of the gym, I have greatly exceeded even my own expectations; I've lost weight and dropped my body fat percentage, while increasing my strength and fitness levels. I am now in better shape mentally and physically than I was 6 weeks ago as Jason has tailored a diet and nutrition plan for me and provided me with the confidence and drive to reach my future target weight.


Gary, 51.



"If you're looking for a PT then you're looking for results; if you're looking for results you should be looking for Jason at Unparalleled Fitness. I can highly recommend Jason as a PT. His knowledge of exercise, training and nutrition is excellent, and the training schedules he prepares for clients are challenging but also achievable and fun. A regular review of progress ensures you remain on track and achieve your goals. I really enjoy my training with Jason and have noticed a significant increase in my stamina and strength".


Gareth, 48



My name is Sharon and I'm 52. I have never been a lover of the gym but in Jason I have found my Mr motivator! He is very encouraging and knows how to get you to do that bit extra without you really noticing! So I'm actually enjoying the gym and obviously enjoying the results feeling and looking fitter and toned! Thanks to Jason and his PT sessions!


Sharon, 52



I've been training with Jason for 6 months now and it's been great. He understands what my goals are and has developed a phased training program and nutrition plan to help me meet them. I'm really pleased with the results so far and have seen noticeable improvements in strength, stamina and muscle tone. I find Jason very friendly and good at explaining the science behind what we're doing. I would recommend him to anyone considering personal training.


Mike, 50



I started training with Jason to get fit and ready for a competition show - "Pure Elite" in November 2014. What I achieved with Jason's help was far more than I expected. I was getting leaner and more defined as the weeks went by. Jason really pushed me, encourage me & believed in me, that I would be stage ready. Each lesson was different and challenging, Jason made me feel very comfortable and we had some good laughs. I would definitely recommend Jason to anyone, at whatever level of fitness.


Amy, 27 (fitness model, listed on the body transformation page)



If you want to achieve your goals and see positive results this is the way forward! Initially I began training on my own but decided to seek further guidance when I failed to notice any progress. I was introduced to Jason by word of mouth and his services were highly recommended. I would never have achieved this level of fitness and improvement if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. Jason is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of his profession. I would always recommend Jason having also met a couple of other trainers. I aim to continue to train and maintain a good level of fitness with his help for a long time to come!


Danvir, 25 (listed on the body transformation page)



Jason has been a real pleasure to work with during my 16 weeks of prep for my first fitness model competition. He was constantly there for support and advice when I needed and pushed me all the way. As you can see from his transformations his policies work!


Jamie, 24 (fitness model, listed on the body transformation page)


I have been training with Jason for just over 4 months now and certainly feel I am moving in the right direction. As a body conscious person who has never trained with a personal trainer, Jason has made me feel very comfortable and always encourages me to better myself. Over the last few months not only have I lost weight but most importantly my fitness level has improved greatly. I am extremely confident in saying I am on my way to reaching my target!


Yasmin, 25